Counseling and Coaching for Men and the people who support them

Is your approach to life just not working?

Are your relationships filled with anger and criticism? Does your home feel welcoming or like a place you want to leave? Is your frustration affecting your work? Are you stuck with no tools or direction for change?
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Uprooting Anger

…is a guide to help you manage anger and work toward uprooting it and its related destructive emotions. If your fuse is short, your aggression high, your criticism sharp, your blaming personal, and your road rage unpublishable, this book is written for you.
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Charlie Cummins MS, LPC and President of Life Transitions Consulting, is a counselor, coach, consultant, author and speaker with over twenty years experience in helping individuals and organizations. A unique combination of personal and professional skills equips him to present success principles that help people maximize the use of their number one resource – themselves. Click on one of the topics below to learn more.


Counseling for Men

Learn strategies that have brought other men success


Uprooting Anger

Don’t just manage your anger, work towards its elimination


Counseling for Women

Improve happiness in yourself, relationships and career


Managing Depression

Learn how depression works and strategies to overcome.


Career Transition

Develop a new vision for success.


Manage Anxiety

Learn to manage and overcome anxiety.


Why Work With Me

Expertise, solutions, and results that work

Charlie has exceptional skills in communicating with people and in motivating change. He is experienced, honest, easy to work with, and passionate about working with others to enhance their lives.

Michael D. Banov, MD

President Northwest Behavioral Medicine

Charlie is human and has had his own battles with anger. His book and counseling together absolutely turned my life around. I now have a game plan for managing and improving my life.

James T.

age 47 - Is still a competitor, but is calmer and more patient

I received helpful guidance in our first conversation and built on that going forward. Charlie was incredible at seeing patterns in my life that weren’t working. He helped me develop new tools and learn to work with them.

Richard H.

age 49 – Sought counseling for relationships and mood

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